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Breeding Beef cattle, want to make more money, you need a Walco Farms Chiangus Bull. Black bulls that will produce you more pounds of lean, fine textured, tender beef. 40 years
of strict breeding and culling, we have line bred cattle that will strengthen and brighten your future!

Look To The Future, Look For A Walco Bull!
Bulls that will produce you more weight at weaning, which means you make more money, bottom line...the line breeding of the Walco Bulls will produce calves that will all look alike, that will generate higher prices on your pens of calves, but most Importantly, your replacement heifers will all be better than their mothers! Their birth canals will get larger, and they will produce more pounds of beef than their mothers! In turn, your grandchildren will have a better way to feed the world population! As of 2011, it was recorded that there were 7 billion people on earth. By the year 2050, There will be 9.5 billion people on earth. The American farmer will have to produce 70% more to feed them! We have produced the cattle to help all breeders pull together to meet this goal. We have bred the cattle that will help feed the World! We have the Bulls that will make your money machine bigger!

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